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Tplus® toner cartridges deliver superior prints 100% of the time.

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All our toner cartridges are quality tested, so you don't waste paper, toner, and energy!

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Tplus toner cartridges come backed by over years of development, delivering the highest quality prints.

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Save up to 80% on the price of original inkjet cartridges with Calidad inkjet cartridges and Calidad inkjet refills.


High Quality

Calidad offers high quality, reliable and easy to use products, which deliver crisp, clear printouts on all types of plain and photo paper.


Quality Tested

Calidad inkjet cartridges and Calidad refillers are made from top quality inks, rigorously tested for their compatibility with each printer. Calidad’s Photo Papers are high quality glossy papers which deliver brilliant photos on any basic printer.

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