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TPLUS® Toner Cartridge Warranty Regency plus general trading L.L.C, owner of the trademark “TPLUS”, warrants each Tplus toner cartridge to be free of defects in both materials and workmanship for 365 days. Tplus toner cartridges have been manufactured to the most exacting quality control standards possible, guaranteeing performance that meets or exceeds that of the original equipment manufacturer. Regency plus general trading L.L.C will replace any toner cartridge found to be defective. Regency plus general trading L.L.C further warrants that, subject to the conditions stated below and under normal use, our toner cartridges will not cause damage, abnormal wear, or deterioration to your printer. In the unlikely event that an authorized service agent insists that our product caused damage to a customer’s machine, we will pay for the damage. Certification must be given by the authorized service representative that such damage could not have occurred under identical operating conditions when using an OEM product. Warranty coverage: Manufacturing Defects (if any) 1. Constant Toner leakage due to manufacturing defects. 2. Printing issues such as blur, black dots, white lines and print shadow due to manufacturing defects. Warranty non-coverage: Abnormal handling/return & miss-used by customers or issues inevitable 3. Improper toner storage. 1. The warranty control sticker at the laser toner casing is either broken or missing. 2. The weight of the remaining toner load is less than 50% compared to a new or unused toner cartridge. (Toner load varies from cartridge models) The principal reserve all rights to charge 50% toner usage should there be any exchange take place. 3. The toners casing broken (due to transportation) and OPC drum scratched due to miss-handling on customer’s part. 4. Toner leakage due to any attempts of refilling exercise on dealers or end-users part. 5. The seal was torn (when customer removing it) resulting no toner powder supply from the cartridge. 6. Inevitable temporary toner leakage, a small amount of toner leakage, due to violent shake during transportation. Both OEM products and compatible ones have temporary toner leakage issues. How to make warranty replacement? Send us print samples or photos as a poof of printing problems and inform us the date of purchase. Replacements will be shipped with your next purchase or separately. We can send technical staffs to repair defective products in customer’s place if necessary.